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Visalakshi Marketing Pvt. Ltd started its journey in 2006, ever since then the company has been on a path of advancement. Product knowledge & industry expertise gathered over the years have enabled us to satisfy our customers' every need. In 2012, VMPL created a brand named @cafe, a division of the global brand, Café Coffee Day. @cafe’s installed with coffee day machines now serve hot beverages and food to thousands of customers every day.

Ever since the beginning, we have worked towards connecting knowledge, skill and experience to innovate new practices and technical systems providing lasting benefits.


There is a mass appeal for shopping and consuming products. We understand this appeal and your business thus we aim to help your company reach its business goals and succeed in the global market.


VMPL provides a host of retail and hospitality services at Airports focusing on global consumer products with Miniso and food & beverages with @ cafe. These services provide satisfaction to travelers and daily commuters who spend a lot of time in transit.


Visalakshi Marketing Pvt Ltd has a deep profound understanding and knowledge of the

target consumers, giving it an edge over its counterparts in developing business strategies.

Bussinessman in Modern Office


The Story 

Board Of Director

Mr. Bhasker Venisheety
Mrs. Sridevi Venisheety
Mrs. Visalakshi Boda

About the founder

With over 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience in F&B Industry, Automobile Industry and Retail Operations, Mr. Bhasker is young, energetic and an enthusiastic team leader. He brings with him vast experience in Public Relations while working for a leading infrastructure giant and is always looking out for new opportunities for VMPL.

Our Partners

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